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Traveling to the USVI post hurricane

St. Thomas is looking profoundly better since Hurricane Irma and Maria raked the island. The water looks like nothing ever happened besides the stray sailboat on the rocks, which isn’t uncommon in the Caribbean. Power is back, the airport is open, and many new faces are present in the bars and grocery stores. The last string of line-men are finishing restoring power to the more remote portions of the island but all the main arteries of the island have power and the roads are good to go! Cruse ships are docking in Charlotte Amalie and Crown Bay. Jewelry stores are open.  All-in-all the USVI has bounced back quickly, at least on the surface.

The best thing that could possibly happen at this point is for tourists to come visit the islands. Knowing what is open and what your trip will be like is a major consideration when booking flights, hotels, charter boats, and knowing what beach you should be laying out on.

The airport is open and even with renovations going on seems to have the process of shuffling people from point A to point B under control. The airport is tiny but as always be sure to arrive at …

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